Saturday, 22 August 2009

Watch your heart when we're together.

He lay on his bed reviewing for his exams but he absorbed nothing. All the notes he had taken during classes looking like black, meaningless squiggles. He couldn’t get the image of her curious eyes out of his head, her cute face and her overall reputation among the entire student body. It pained him to think of her talking to that guy. The guy she was always with in the mornings, during lunchtimes, after classes. It sickened him to his core. What was a girl like her doing with a guy like him? She would belong much better in his arms. Oh, how it would make his week if she would just appear online and talk to him. He tried to approach her so many times, but the fear of causing trouble with the other guy stopped him. He wondered if she noticed him. They made eye contact on an average of once a day, electricity jolted through him when they did and he hoped the same effect had happened to her. He could read the playful curiosity in her eyes. Or were they just meaningless glances? He couldn’t tell, infatuation always did this to him, overanalyze every little thing, magnify it into an action of glamorous, yet silent love.

Why did he have to think about her so much? Was she really all that? How could he like a girl he had never even had a conversation with? It seemed so weird. He convinced himself he didn’t like her, it was just a playful thing, something out of boredom. But he couldn’t ignore the voice nagging at the back of his head, “you like her! Admit it!” it screeched. He thought once again about her, he had asked her something once and her simple, charmless reply left him empty. She had no flirtatious spring, no cool appearance. She just answered him and walked away blankly.
He thought of himself, what made him think he had a chance? Maybe the fact that he was good looking, the fact that he was smart, the fact that he was funny and people liked him because he was daring and cool.

Why wouldn’t she notice that?


raphaeldumonte said...

Is this about who i think it is about?

monn said...

Ooh jo this is intriguing, I like it.. :)

thoughh, yeah is this what I think it's about?