Sunday, 17 January 2010

These streets will make you feel brand new.

The darkness forces me to use my sense of touch to see. Soft skin pulses as my hands run over you, your moist breath tickles my ear and silent whimpers escape my lips as they move closer to the indents of your neck. The heat in the pit of my chest knows no way out but this one. This time, the intoxication is a reason to act like a savage beast and to tear you apart with my teeth. My heart pounds against my flesh, my head spins and my body takes control. My lips find comfort against yours but my hands are still searching for a place to call home. Your nails dig into my back and groans escape like rusty car doors swinging open. My body fits against yours like the last piece of a puzzle, creating the perfect image of reckless youth.


MIN said...

love this jo :) you capture awesome moments, your prose is sooooo enticing :)

Lienne said...

Korean BBQ Style. I'm salivating :)