Sunday, 17 January 2010


He lay on the sand and grit motionless, the tiny shards cutting into his back and drawing forth needle-points of blood. The cold water submerged his whole body and lapped around his ears. His eyes glazed over, staring into non-existence. Tears ran their tracks, finding home in the gentle ocean waves. The cold coursed through his bones and slowed his heartbeat. There was nothing wrong with him, he simply felt at peace in the strange realm of delirium: the short, sweet visits that left him feeling more alive than ever. When nobody’s warm breath and caressing hands could fill the empty spaces and all he needed was a reminder of the simple beauty which lay beyond. He exhales a shiver, drifts away to the blinding glimmer of the stars and waits until the waking world pulls him back to reality.

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Lienne said...

Like the motion of liquid silk, it caressed my brain while I read it. Oh G