Monday, 28 May 2012

I want to take my time to be free.

To venture into a dark forest, dense with life- embracing adventure and the unknown. Hands bloodied from thorns, dirtied from mud, and shaking with fear, when will I ever be this alive? Let's build a fire, attempt to make furious orange glowing heat out of dead sticks on damp earth. Lets climb the mountains, 90 degrees shooting into the sky, and witness the virginal stars, untouched and untainted by curtains of clouds.  Lets swim in the ocean, blue-green broken glass glistening under the sun, searing our eyes with every eruption at the surface. Or perhaps we could just lay here, sheltered by the thick overgrowth of green giants older than our ancestors, and contemplate how funny it was that we believed life existed before this.

What were we doing? What did we know? The years we spent in schools and work, and all we learned is how to look out windows and dream about life as it passed us by, running its course in supermarkets, in movie theatres, in department stores. All these slaves to consumerism, I laugh at them. And no, not a giggle, a deep rumbling volcanic laughter that shifts continents and shakes the glass ornament planets on their chandelier. Let them spend their "hard-earned" money on clothes that will never make them happy, on shiny gadgets they will throw away in a few years, all these things corrupting and polluting our water sources, our skies.

Who condemned us to desks, threw collars onto our necks and sold us as slaves of the economy? He may have succeeded in conditioning the human mind to believe work equals survival, but he has surely failed to take away the human thirst for adventure.