Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sometimes silence guides our minds

We used to sit on the edge of the bridge, legs dangling over the muddy water, holding one umbrella each. Rain soaked and pruned our feet into white chunks of slippery skin. We always let them shrivel up because that meant we got to go home, soak our feet in warm water and feel all the heat creep back into our bones. That slow, inching feeling of blood running back through our veins, we lived for that.

We spent most rainy days there. On that bridge, where the trees were extra green, and the air extra cold. It was simple things like throwing rocks into the river, finding reasons to wear our favourite jackets, and talking where no one else could hear that made us happiest.

We were complete opposites. Her in white frilly socks and pink umbrella, and me not wearing any socks at all under my tattered brown shoes. We were so different, but we knew each other better than anyone else. We held hands when we walked home, we called the other in the middle of the night if one of us couldn't get to sleep, and we weren't afraid to get mad if the other was being stupid.

I was so foolish to think that life would give someone to me so generously. And even more foolish to believe that it would last.

I sit alone on the bridge, legs dangling over the muddy water, holding one umbrella. I let my feet shrivel up and feel the chill seep into my bones. That slow, inching feeling of blood disappearing from my veins, I wanted it to take over and spread throughout my body, and never feel warmth again.


Liz said...

This is hauntingly beautiful. Childhood friendships are just as you make it. Close and personal and absolutely heart-breaking.

loving this said...

Your ability to telling great stories in such a small amount of space is something most writers can't do. I've always thought that being able to do that was a sure sign of talent, something you certainly have in abundant supply! Looking forward to more blog posts.

miriam said...

love this piece reminds me of inevitable seperation of friends through time and becoming strangers. I love it.

Joanna said...

Aw! :) thanks, guys. It took me forever to complete and post this because I just kept thinking that it was lacking so much.

I always thought I was a less talented writer precisely because of the fact that I can't seem to write more than 500 words most of the time. I have a few entries that are long, but those writing spells come out of nowhere and are honestly, very rare. So thanks, i guess? For making my little entries feel loved!

Mery Arbi said...

Hi gorgeous! I didn't know about your blog and i really like it!!! Would you like to follow eachother? I'm following you now XD

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