Thursday, 11 September 2008

Midnight in December.

She spun in circles, white wedding gown trailing around her. It was her mothers, layers of lace dragged along the ground, it used to be white, but now, cream with age.

She trotted along the stone floor, too-big high heels making her stumble, she had loved them from the moment she cast her beady eyes upon them, the hand-painted flowers she strung her fingers along every night, the sound they made as the clinked across the stone.

Her nose wrinkled as she laughed, her little teeth were visible in the moonlight. The stars seemed to shine brighter for her on this evening, even the moon covered up its craters.

The silver light washed over every surface, softening every strong image. The night breeze ran through the trees, playing with her hair, cooling her face. The crickets and frogs played a melodious symphony for her, every sound on beat, every echo on cue.

The lake reflected a perfect night sky, a million stars held in one basin of water, illuminating the weeds and grass among the basin's brim. The moon, solo in her abode, was not accompanied by a single cloud, unveiled and exposed.

Midnight in December, a truly dazzling sight to behold.

&& She said, It's not a good enough reason.

I give up. White flag, yet i don't expect you to consider. I don't expect you to care because you're too high up in your head. I apologized, I did my part. The fact you pushed me away, fine. But don't reject my apology just because you think I should apologize to others, this is YOU. Not them.

It's too difficult, it's not even worth it anymore. If you don't value our friendship, fine. You don't want to talk to me, so I'll just post my feelings up here. Maybe the reason I've been cold is because you're changing. Maybe its because you're becoming like the very people who leave us all so out of place? Maybe it's because I don't know you anymore, and don't say I don't treat you like a friend outside of the classroom, remember that I have friends in other sections who I don't get to see very often, my time can't always be sprinkled on you. And sweetie, I'm not the only one who has noticed you haven't been spending lunch with us, so please don't blame this on me.

As for not saying hi to you, accidents happen. I didn't see you and I only found out about that today. I didn't know you ran past saying hi, otherwise I would've said hi back. Do I have a reason to not say hi to you? I don't think so. Unless you think I'm that shallow, I only say hi to certain people and I have something against you. Well, you need to be more open-minded.

So who's left standing in this empty war-zone? You.
I raised my white flag and walked out a long time ago.