Thursday, 11 September 2008

Midnight in December.

She spun in circles, white wedding gown trailing around her. It was her mothers, layers of lace dragged along the ground, it used to be white, but now, cream with age.

She trotted along the stone floor, too-big high heels making her stumble, she had loved them from the moment she cast her beady eyes upon them, the hand-painted flowers she strung her fingers along every night, the sound they made as the clinked across the stone.

Her nose wrinkled as she laughed, her little teeth were visible in the moonlight. The stars seemed to shine brighter for her on this evening, even the moon covered up its craters.

The silver light washed over every surface, softening every strong image. The night breeze ran through the trees, playing with her hair, cooling her face. The crickets and frogs played a melodious symphony for her, every sound on beat, every echo on cue.

The lake reflected a perfect night sky, a million stars held in one basin of water, illuminating the weeds and grass among the basin's brim. The moon, solo in her abode, was not accompanied by a single cloud, unveiled and exposed.

Midnight in December, a truly dazzling sight to behold.


Lienne said...

doode this is magical.


Joanna Superstuff said...

I quite like it, too :P