Sunday, 16 May 2010

It's like I'm in a glass room. In the center of a busy metropolis, watching the people pass. One by one they go, frantic in their daily routines. A few stop by to peer at me, but they never stay long.
I am here. Ever watching, ever waiting. I am here, looking for a way to break out, but no matter how long I search for an exit, no matter how many times I throw my frail body against the glass in hopes of breaking it, I always find myself still suck in the same four walls.

Why do I feel like this? I often ask myself.

I rarely find an answer. Maybe I am just one those people who needs to be around noise and other people to be happy. The quiet, still household I live in is toxic for me. The constraints that barricade me in, they break me. Maybe I am just one of those many teenagers who wants to be free, but is imprisoned by lonely and paranoid parents.


Lienne said...

I have a feeling that all teenagers experience this. The inability to join in on the fun that happens outside of our homes, plus the idea of being bored is just annoying. I'm in a BOARDING SCHOOOOL

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