Wednesday, 16 February 2011

In your head.

It's funny how you think you can trust a person. And when they blow it, you're left wondering if they were who you thought they were all along. Was I being lied to all those months? I simply cannot look past the pain. Trust is a fragile thing.

And illusions are a bitch.

The worst part is I still have hope, still have faith that things will get better and they will change and that there's still truth among other things. I don't want to taint the memories.

My eyes are swollen and I just want to lie in bed all day and feel sorry for myself. How do I learn to pick myself up from this? How do I learn to trust other people again? I've been faced with this issue so many times, maybe it's about time I fully accept that nobody can be trusted, no matter how often I try to see the light in them. Everyone on earth is evil and all you have is yourself.

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