Saturday, 4 June 2011

The one where I endorse a banana cream pie

So it's one in the morning and I'm finally fully rested from the hectic day I had yesterday. Our photoshoot had a 6am call time, and can you imagine, they told us we'd end at 10pm. Fourteen hours. FOURTEEN. HOURS. But thankfully! We ended around 4pm so it was only 10 hours, which is still draining to be honest. The ad is going to be released on June 19th, so keep your eyes peeled! There was a ridiculous amount of laughing and bonding during the day, we even took over the make-up room and had our girl talk, the hairdressers and makeup artists kept laughing at our kilig moments and our bitching :))

The whole crew!
I met up with my boyfriend after, he had to come straight from college, and had Bon Chon! It was my first time and I think he oversold it, because I thought it was good but not as amazing as he made it seem. We then went to Classic Confections or whatever that pastry shop is called because my sweet tooth has been crying like a 3 year old baby who hasn't been fed in a week, and had a banana cream pie which WAS amazing! So guys whenever you head over to Greenbelt 5, go to that periwinkle pastry shop beside John and Yoko and get yourself a banana cream pie.

I was exhausted so he brought me back to his house and I fell asleep there as he did his reading/homework/whatever they do in college. I woke up around 9pm and got mauled by his pugs (he has 6!!) and had cupped noodles and kool-aid and went home. And slept forever.