Saturday, 23 April 2011

I think we've established that.

Just got back from a 2 day trip at Lipa with The Gustilos and Zahars.

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We had the Sleepy Haha's throughout the whole trip, you know, that mood where you're sleepy, you find everything funny and you have this spaced-out laugh. We trekked down to a jungle stream and tossed rocks, Audrey's dad taught us how to use a gun! Played the A-Z game about a hundred times and repeated the phrases "Xylophone" "Danish Purple" "Fingernails" and "Armadillo" countless times. We drank sake and played ridiculous games, and ate lots and lots of good food.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Wake up, kids.

On dusty swings, we wiped sweat off our foreheads with our grubby hands that housed dirty nails. In the tall grass, we conjured exotic worlds from the maze of our imagination, we braided weeds into daisy chains and crowned ourselves and stained our knees with mud and blood, long limbs bruised all the way down like treasure trails. 

Catching ladybugs in marmalade jars, digging up worms in the backyard, nothing seemed short of adventure. The small trees that lined the garden grew ten stories tall and held homes of fiction, ones we lived in, high in the sky, we were blind to the fact our feet had never left the ground. Housecats wandered, we mistook them for tigers. Our knees pressed tight to our chests, in a land that no one else knew.

Idle actions with no purpose, we were caught up in reverie. Our white collared shirts stuck to our backs in the heat, lips hung open and eyes wandered lazily. It was the effect of the summer air, it had struck us all with the Dreamer's Disease.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sunkissed Supreme

I got back from Bora a few days ago and it took me a while to get out of the sleepy, sundrenched mode it put me in. It was one of the best vacations ever, since I went with friends and we basically had five fun-filled days.

Everything was on our side.

We spent our days worshipping the sun by laying beneath it and sipping icy drinks, skimboarding along shallow waves and all around growing closer to one another, our nights were spent with loud music and crowds of people, walking back home during the early hours, sharing meaningful conversations under star-dappled skies. Everyday was an adventure in its own, from climbing over rocks to get to the white strip, to evading the creepers who eyes seem to feast upon too much.

I made a new family on that trip, one that I will forever share the memory of Boracay, summer 2011 with.

Friday, 1 April 2011


So, I guess this is it? We've come down to our last day of high school, ever. No more counting down the days until summer, because we've finally reached the end. It's a bit strange, and it hasn't sunk in properly but I have a feeling that tears will be streaming down my tears later.
I recall my first day at CSA, nervous as hell because I was scared nobody would like me and I wouldn't have any friends, but thankfully enough, I met great people straight away. I remember Marj, Aly and Miko being the first people to talk to me, they brought me around and introduced me to what felt like the entire student population, I couldn't remember faces or names, just the pain in my cheeks from the fake smiling and the breathless waves of Hi's flying here and there.

And then came the first group I ever had in CSA, composed of Regg, Ina, Divisha, Carina, Nina, Bianca and Yu Fei :) God, we were a crazy bunch. We laughed so loudly, we ran around like children, we played around like the immature budding teens we were, and that's why I loved them so much. They made every single day worth going to school, because no matter how many changes I was going through, from leaving a life in Malaysia behind, these were the girls who brought me to a happier place every single day.

1H was a great class to have during my first year, it was wild! And we had an amazing adviser, Mr Cruzado. He knew when to be strict and he knew when to have fun. He was always thoughtful and planned so many things for our class, even though that was the year of his wedding (heehee, we even had plans to crash it) and he made sooo many VIDEOS for us. And whenever we had video contests, he always did the editing.
Yeah, Freshman year was a ride.

Actually, all of High school was a crazy ride. So many things happened, and we learned so many things outside the classroom as well as inside it. 4 Years ago, I never would have expected half the things that happened. I made friends, I lost friends. I had a few fights, but I grew from them. I made a lot of mistakes, but I know better now. I went through a lot of hard times, but those hard times showed me who was by my side and who I could count on. Friends, Teachers, Strangers inspired me throughout these 4 years, and my only regret is 
that I could've made more friends, but I never took the opportunities that came my way.

And now Senior Year is coming to a close and I'll be standing among 400 other people, receiving a diploma and standing as a batch for the last time. It's starting to sink in.
We won't see each other anymore. To think, all the people I've never even spoken to, I'm sad that I'll never get the chance. I'm sad that we just won't be that batch anymore, at least not until our 10 year reunion. This is it. High school is over and we move on with our lives. Where do we go from here? Will we meet again? Will we still talk on a regular basis? Promise me, friends, that we will still try our best to catch up, even if its just once in a while. Promise me, friends, that even if we only see each other once a year, it'll be like old times?
My first year group, My 2I family, My G-Girls, and all the other people who changed my life during high school, I couldn't thank you enough. And I hope that you accomplish all the dreams you have, and do everything you want to do.

We're a special bunch, we are.