Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wide Eyes

A kiss. A nibble on the earlobe.
Two worlds colliding.
A tidal wave of goosebumps
the crashing of plates with 
every shiver.

That laugh, the wrinkle of your nose.
A thousand years of rivers folding
over their beds,
like us, after drinking.

The squint of your eyes,
my heart beating.
The stretch of your grin,
Roman ruins collapsing.
The sound of your steps-
my lifeline.


miriam said...

reminds me when you start to fall in love. :)

Loise Veloso said...

This is really good. I love your writing :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! Maybe you could write about how you first met. I love your writing and I'd like to know how you describe first encounters with people you eventually fall in love with :)

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