Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Gay Friend-- WANTED.

What makes it feel?

Capture the essence of your being?

What makes it good?

A concrete form of an immaterial language;


What makes its capable?

Of translating warmth

From the heart

Or the chill of fear;


How do you transform, when

The strongest weapon

Only scars the paper

With ink and


How do you write poetry?


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Joanna getting frustrated because she can't write poetry. I mean, come on, how do you do it, people?! How do you transform your emotion into such meaningful (and pretty) words?! My emotions always seem so much more intricate when they're untouched. Put them onto paper and they become overrated or cheesy :|

Anyway, wanted to apologize to my lovely blog-band [thats a neat name for the people that actually read this crap, kinda has a ring to it, hey?] for not posting anything recently. I swear, inspiration is at its peak during summer. When you're doing nothing but sitting on a computer chair all day and possibly forming an early case of sclerosis. [That's the back thingy, right? correct me if im wrong]

So yeah, I havent been having a good week, something's come up and no, i'm not gonna tell you what happened here, just email me if you consider yourself cool enough to be told :D IT'S JUICY, PROMISE.

You know what I want? A gay friend. I've been going on about this for so long, and I'm serious! I want one! One that I can look cool beside when we go to Starbucks with one or two other girlfriends and sip or macchiatos, or on frap's, or whatever the hell people like to drink at starbucks. OHH and it'd be soo wicked if he could tell me what I look hot in and not, in a totally non-uncomfortable way, you know, like in the movies? "ehh ma gawd, you look SO fetch." and I'd be all like "Oh my god, nobody says fetch. But i do, don't I? ooh mwah mwah mwah" and we'd get manicures and maybe get a little dog and carry him around everywhere! Okay, Im getting all excited! So all GAY, HYGIENIC, FASHIONABLE, FUNNY AND CHARMING GUYS, CALL ME. We'll arrange something. :)

I'm putting that on my birthday wishlist. Or Christmas, birthday's too far :)

Okay byee for now!



jake said...

writing poetry is really hard. haha! you dont need to apologize if you haven't written something. you're the author make us wait for as long as you want to:)) haha! i'll help you on your search! :D

YANI said...

scelorosis? wait what I have is scoliosis like a deformed spine :D anyway its been hard for me to find inspiration too, well one cos im grounded and cant really use the laptop and 2 cos life's been steady ( in a bad boring way ) tsk anyway hope u do find your inspiration!

Joanna Superstuff said...

Yeahhh, and I just feel it right now :|

Anonymous said...

gay mates come my direction please.