Monday, 22 December 2008

Inspire me, Please?

photo by jam343

These writing spells come and go. Sometimes they overwhelm me, like a river bursting its banks and flooding the field, drowning the little villagers and destroying homes with beautiful yet grotesque ideas. Other times, it doesn't come. I wait. And wait. And wait for this drought to end, for a single drop of rain, acidic or not, to fall into my mind. Today, there's nothing.

Image from Chrissie White

Won't you help? Be the one to hose me down with the water I desperately need. I'm begging you. Inspire me, Please?


Lienne said...

you could write about my sexy body being a wonderland, my porcelain skin, candy lips or even my bubblegum tongue.


Joanna Superstuff said...

thats a freaking song! hahahah, and you WISH john mayer was signing about you x)

YANI said...

The festive spirit was so strong in those days, making everything seem so much more joyous and.. enchanting. Today, Christmas doesn't feel like the most magical time of year, it feels like another hassle of getting gifts for everyone and spending all your money

Ive been feeling this too i was chatting with my friend last night and i was talking bout how i attended the dawn mass at 4:30AM just to feel the christmas spirit (i still dont feel it btw, so dont attend it) ahahaha then hes all negative saying ahh the christmas spirit is gone! its fading every year see in the next 5 years christmas isnt a holiday anymore!

OKAY i just told u bout a random conversation
ANYWAY if you do finally feel the christmas spirit, tell me & tell me how u felt it so maybe i can feel it too

and ill tell u if i feel it too!
kay? Happy holidays jojojo!

Joanna Superstuff said...

I replied to your blog! btw you totally commented on the wrong post! :))