Saturday, 12 March 2011

Grow On Grow Up Grow Out

"the summer holds a song we might sing forever"
 Josh Pyke, The Summer

The last day of regular school has passed! Our exams are over and now, all we have to brace ourselves for are nonsensical days of graduation practice and whatnot. It's basically summer, except we still have to go to school to learn how to line up and collect diplomas.

Anyway, it's an unspoken tradition that you go out with your friends whenever it's the last day of exams, so a group of us went over to Polo Club, courtesy of Gabe Lesaca, and ate and swam and fought with exboyfriends. Or maybe that was just me.

It was fun, regardless of whatever brief spat I encountered at the end of the day. I've been in dire need of sun and water, I cannot wait until April 5 because that's when we fly to Bora!

Sometimes all you need to be happy is to feel the earth under your bare feet, the good company of friends, and something edible.