Sunday, 27 March 2011

I can now go to Jail

I'm 18, everybody! Not that I feel any different or any more mature than I did on my last day of being 17. Anyway, all great events require great celebration, or some sort of celebration rather (I wouldn't call this one "great") so I invited a bunch of friends over to my house for some chill fun that included drinks, shisha, a giant pizza and some ps3 :)

Erica came over earlier than the others to help me prep the drinks, we made our own lovely concoction of gatorade, sprite, lime juice and gin. She helped me a lot, actually. Eternally grateful for friends like her!
Braulio and Xavi brought the 4x4 feet pizza and hauled it over the gate, it was a miracle we managed to fit it through my door! Monster pizza from El Buono! I was actually worried it wouldn't be enough since I had invited around 30 people
But then we opened it and realized it was huge.
My wonderful girls, minus Ara who happens to be missing.
Lol gia looks so lost. Here are some of the guys playing Black Ops or DJ Hero or whatever was on the tv screen. Quinio even picked up one of my awkward child photo's and passed it around and told everyone to laugh. What a nice guy :))
I like these photos. They're pretty.
I know, I know. Shisha's unhealthy and it's just an in-thing, but honestly it was fun and it set a really chill mood to the party. I'm grateful Divisha let us use her pipe. If you're wondering, the flavour was "Deranged Confused pineapple" actually, no, okay it was pineapple-banana but it tasted really weird. Fruity, but a weird fruity. So we added an Eclipse mint to it and that kinda improved the flavour a bit. lol
A huge thank you to everyone who came, you made it a really fun night :)