Sunday, 28 February 2010

chasingvans asked: I miss you more than you could know.
I miss our heart to heart conversations and our stupid, crazy ideas. I miss the really long texts you send. I miss laughing at your effortless humour and having someone intelligent and fair to talk to, someone mature beyond her years and someone as exquisite as you.
I miss you so much :(

Do you remember what year eight was like? It’s always the most significant when I think of us, because it was the time where we were closest. We were seperated from the rest of our friends, and we weren’t yet close to Mina, and it was always just you and I, laughing about Kieran and Bryan, telling each other a new story or a new dream or a new way to turn things into something special. Our jokes were always the funniest, and our ideals always clashed, but that was okay, because at the end of the day there was always something we remembered that would make us forget about our bickering, be it Neige Island or the Nikky and Jojo song or the kissing dolphins (don’t kill me for publishing that on the internet).

You taught me to grow up and to forget and to be strong, and above all you taught me that you were Joanna Fucking Kennedy, and you were always going to be there whether I liked it or not. I miss your endless stories, your ability to make anything fun and wonderful just by being there, the way you could make me forget about all the things life tied to my little shoulders. I miss the way you’d threaten anyone who dared to make me miserable (cough cough Bryan cough), the way you were positive things were always going to be alright in the end, and the way you’d tell me I was beautiful even if I never let myself believe it.

I hate that you’re so far away. It’s been three years since I’ve been able to see you smile. I miss you terribly.

And thanks for making me cry, bitch.

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