Saturday, 9 August 2008

Muddled; A dream.

So I've been having these weird dreams the past few nights, muddled ones. They usually consist of things that I want or things that happen in real life, when I'm awake. Obviously, dreams are kinda like movies displaying your subconscious feelings. I guess you could say they show what you really feel, what you're too afraid to admit.

So it started with me walking around looking for this store. I can't remember what the store was, but that didn't really matter, what mattered was who I ran into. Firstly, a friend and his family, they were having lunch in some restaurant, and I didn't want an awkward meeting, so I hid and walked the other way. Then my mother was there with another family friend, I was happy to see them, so I walked around with them for a bit, finally asking if I could go. My moms friend gave me a lot of money and told me to take a taxi to her house so I could hang out with her kids, my friends, and she gave me their house key so I wouldn't be hassled by the gate.

Later, I arrived at their house, except, it wasn't theirs. It was his. Well, what seemed to be his, but I recall it looking like that house I saw on cribs just before I had gone to sleep.
So there was a party inside, not really a party, but a very festive funeral wake. Catered by Chili's, and a ton of my friends were inside. It was truly a beautiful house, with tiles from Italy and vibrant plants, a crystalline swimming pool and french doors. I found my friends lying on cushions, enjoying drinks, and I realised that I, too, wanted something to drink, so I asked a friend to come find the bar with me, he looked the same as he did in real life, blond, curly hair, tall and lanky. I came across the new widow, both of my eldest aunts were there, how bizarre. I talked to the hostess and told her I was sorry for her loss, they seemed to be the only suitable words. Instead of being thankful for my consideration, she just seemed pissed that I knew about it. She looked across the room, looking for her son. When she found him, she yelled
"You told her?!", he ignored her and stalked off.

When we finally found the bar, Harry had disappeared, instead, standing next to me was Jerrell, looking exactly the same. We couldn't find a bar tender, just this sad little metal thing with glasses and a few things one adds to make drinks look festive, like little umbrellas and maraschino cherries. We decided to have a contest, we'd make a drink and the other would have to drink it no matter how sick it was. I found some tumblers and filled them with ice, Jerrell was filling a glass with Shirley temple syrup, and suddenly Mr. Manaay walked past us, we got freaked out but we concluded that he didn't care, `cause he didn't say anything, we were wrong, he walked back to us and asked us what we were doing, in that shrill voice of his.
"Sir, they're just Shirley temples. Nonalcoholic," I told him, "Even though, you are unauthorised to handle the bar, get away from there." he commanded, we listened and left it.

I tried to make my way back, but I could no longer find my friends, I checked my watch and it was time for Home Ec class, which I dreaded `cause the teacher was ancient.
I found a classmate, I can't recall his face now, I'm not even sure if he exists. We went out of the gate and started walking down the road, the teacher was there, leading us to the classroom which was miles away. We told her that by the time we get there, the lesson would be over, she ignored us.
We came to a crossroad and met 6 other Augustinians, all of which were ready to go out. We walked down a granite road and found a canopy walk. We were walking over the forest to get to our classroom? How curious. We walked for what seemed like ages, and we finally got to the classroom. Yellow walls, white floors and sewing machines on every table. It was rather good, for CSA. So we sat down at our tables, and I checked the time. Dismissal. I told the teacher that it was time to go now, but she wouldn't listen. I knew it was time to go, so I woke up.

We planned to have lunch at that new mall opening, it was pretty swanky. We went into this department store, filled with counters of makeup and racks of clothes, they were interviewing different people, probably to get feedback on the new opening. We had wanted to ruin a few of their shots, so we stood in the background pulling silly faces until the photographer got mad at us. We walked on, only to find that the restaurant was closed, or full, or something like that.
So we wanted to check out the rest of the mall, and we found this adorable store, we went in and started looking around for the clothes that were displayed on the mannequin. I asked the sales assistant, and she called for tha manager, he had an arrogant air about him, as if he wanted us out of his store, pronto.
I asked him where their "nice" clothes were kept, just to piss him off, and he told me that they keep them away for the "real" shoppers. I told him we were interested in buying from the store, but he just laughed. He couldn't kick us out because we weren't doing anything wrong, so he just tried to infuriate us. Adults should know that nobody is better at annoying others than teenagers are. We looked through the clothes and a friend found a wallet she wanted to buy, she asked the manager how much it costed, he told her
"we can charge you as much as we want."
she didnt care about his injustice, so she said
"i dont care! i just want it."
I went up to him and told him that he was being unfair, and he couldn't charge her more than what the company was selling it for, and that he could end up in jail for that.
Yeah, and that's all I remember.

It was summer. I could tell because everybody had a relaxed atmosphere about them. We were at a camp, most of us, anyway. It was well known and the campus with huge, it stretched from the creamy sands of the beach to the terrorizing mountains overhead.
I was in my resort room, and he had come inside. I told him not to, and that I didn't want him there. He insisted on staying, so I got up and left him there. I made my way down to the beach, he was there again. A few of them were playing beach volleyball and a lot of people were watching, some kind of camp tournament.
I sat on the beach alone, watching the waves. Someone came up to me and said my sister was calling for me, and she was at the spa. So I got up and started walking in that direction. I walked for a long time, the sand disappeared and the grass started growing longer, until it was over my head. I looked up and there were eagles flying in a circle, i looked around me and the mountains looked like they guarding me from whatever was out there. I kept on walking, until the grass was so compact it was hard to move them, I looked far ahead, and I saw a miniscule spa, but my sister seemed to me directing me to the left. I walked towards the left and the grass was thinning out, there was a trail.
I continued walking until i reached the spa, finally. It was small, but beautiful. Made of grey marble, there were red silk curtains flowing in the wind, and candles which didn't seem to die out. There were massage tables, and indoor ponds. It seemed similar to Villa Manja, but that place was big. This was a compressed version. My sister told me something, about me having to leave early because of summer classes, I was disappointed because I had intended to meet some new people before leaving. What a bummer.
I walked back and Grace, Alexis and a few other people rushed past me, taking the trail and saying they had to leave the spa now, otherwise theyd be late for something. I saw Theo and Mikel walking up to the spa, they asked me how long I was staying for and I had to say now, because of summer classes. Mikel made fun of me, the same way he did in school a few days before the dream. I just laughed and walked down the trail alone, walking and walking, but seemingly going nowhere. I just walked until I woke up.

These dreams are becoming longer, and are incorporating my different experiences within them. A lot of them also have some kind of symbolized significance.
I wonder..

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