Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Okay, I'm pretty pissed of right now so let me rant, no fancy words, nothing articulate, just a rant. Let the feelings express themselves in their natural form, let them be raw.


You and your stupid desperateness, I swear it's really degrading to be the ex of a flirt. Someone who ALWAYS has a girl, and who moves on in the blink of an eye. It's so stupid cause I DONT EVEN MISS YOU, SO WHY THE HELL DO I CARE? Maybe cause i dont want to be a fool, this is fucking ridiculous, I feel so disrespected it's not even funny, maybe you could've waited a while before getting interested in another girl, God! What the hell, seriously! I mean, it's not that you are interested in a new girl, its just how FAST it took you!! Please, don't deny you aren't interested, why the hell else would you text for two days straight? There's a reason your family teases you. And yeah, okay, we're close so you can tell me things, but there's a LINE as too how much you can say and how soon you say it you insensitive jerk!
God, ever since I've met you, you've ALWAYS had a girl. In fact, didn't you say you liked one of my friends (right after we stopped whatever relationship we had) because it was TOO HARD TO GET OVER ME BY YOURSELF? SEE, THIS JUST PROVES HOW DEPENDENT YOU ARE. Get over someone the right way, time heals all wounds right? What do you think is gonna happen when you just decide to go in for another girl (who, may I add had a thing with one of our friends and "loved" another guy at the same time :|), it's gonna be all peaches and cream? HOW DO YOU THINK SHE WOULD FEEL IF SHE KNEW EVERYTHING? "Oh, you were interested in me although you still missed your girlfriend and couldn't get over her. Doesn't that mean i'm kinda like a doormat?" NO SHIT IT DOES.
Urgh, I will probably regret posting most of this as soon as a few people read it, but I mean, I'm not asking for your feedback or for you to read this. I guess I just dont want to be around you for a bit. Space, right? I never gave us space in the first place, that was obviously a mistake. Well no matter what you say, about you not being over me, it's pretty evident that you are, at least it seems like it, and if you really are telling the truth then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANOTHER GIRL?! And don't say you aren't, a relationship doesnt necessarily have to be all those "I love you"'s and mushy crap, it can be a friendship, or like.. a relatioship between a dog and it's owner, i guess.
I don't know why people say Dog and Master. It sounds too degrading to dogs, they're owned but they're not little slaves.
anyways, dinner.


Carina said...

I just realized that I haven't been updated for the longest time. Or.. yeah.

Joanna Superstuff said...

cos you never hang out with us anymore!

Carina said...

Still do! You don't tell me anything. /:)

Lienne said...

like, get some dignity?
but so glad you're so over it.