Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet.

The breeze caressed my cheeks, tossed my hair around and cooled my skin.

The smell of chlorine lingered in the air, the sudden familiarity yanked at my memory, for a few moments, it brought me back to the place i had been longing to go for so long, the place i could only return to in my memory.

Those days where ignorance was bliss, and my young mind could not understand what was going on beneath our roof, going on in the early hours of our household.

I remember that very day, two of my closest childhood friends were with me inside that little kiddy blow-up pool. It's amazing what wonders a child's imagination can create.

I could practically feel that same sun that once illuminated my little face, I could still remember the texture of the plastic i rested my head upon, the temperature of the water we splashed in, and the joy i felt just playing in that little tub, the joy that felt so pure, i had all the joy in the world, mustered by an 8 year old, in a little kiddy blow-up pool, with just 2 loved ones and a child's imagination.



Robie said...

yeah, the good old days.. haha

VIDA A said...

Brings back memories. I love the way you write, Joanna :))

Joanna Superstuff said...

thank you Vida. I love the way you write too, especially the blog about hate?

Lienne said...

i remember that. and cinderella! andandand leaving you in the pool, your face down in the water when 'man and i went back for you? AHAHAHAH
i miss you