Saturday, 27 March 2010


I am the happiest girl in the universe right now and that's not an exaggeration. I had the best past few days of my entire life, March 25th and 26th 2010 overtook March 7th 2009, but they're both days that make me extremely happy. Here's an insight to what went down:

March 25th: Last day of school.
It started off with me going to Landmark with some friends to go buy white shirts for the Cobra Starship concert. I made a plan dubbed the Sexy Saporta Suicide Society of the Summer Session, inclusive of a map and code names for our members: Gooberstick (Yours truly), Grape Slurple, Girl Scout, Ginger Spice, Gay-Lussacslaw and Gingivitis. They all thought I'm obsessed, and I love to admit that I am. We took a cab to Bel-Air where we started painting our shirts, hung out with Xavi in the park and when our shirts were done, Cami and I took a cab to Magallanes where I got to hang out with my dearly missed 2I classmates. We swam for a while and hung out in Darrens house. It was great to finally catch up with them. After, I took a cab alone to Greenbelt and met up with my G-Girls, we heard that Yshmael Lahamboyjani was there with some other friends so we found them. Auds and I went to the internet cafe just to check Gabe Saportas twitter (obsessiveness up to 64%) and then we went to Bollywood to meet up with the others. We left to go to Curtis' house after, and that was pretty... eventful. Giulia and I wanted to climb the fence of our school and run around on the field but that never managed to happen. We kind of ended that session of the night by sitting on the curb. At 11.30ish, Andreuw and Franz drove up to us and we found out they paid the cab driver php1000 to take us to Franz's house, which was a crazy rip off because we probably would've been able to bribe him with php200 but stupid Andreuw wasn't thinking. We piled 7 people into the cab and when we got to Franz's, Jonathan and Andreuw passed out, Franz, Braulio and Giuila went to cook eggs, Xavi and I stayed in the room to talk.

March 26th
Braulio left around 4am, his mother is that selfless. The others fell asleep when they got back, but I stayed up til around 6 when Franz's maid started knocking on the door because she thought we still had school. Hilarious. Giulia and I left at 6am and I got home to take a shower and grab some money. She picked me up at 7am and we got to Greenbelt and lined up til 11am to get Cobra Starship tickets. Obsession level at 85% she left and the others got there, we bummed around Greenbelt til we started lining up for seats at 3Pm. We were seated at 6pm, at the back, actually, but when the concert started and I went crazy because I saw Gabe Saporta (obsession level 90%) we ran under the barricades and into the VIP section where we stood on chairs and screamed our lungs out. Concert was kickass.

After the show they had that meet and greet thingy and I was standing on top of chairs so I was really elevated, he saw my shirt which said "I love Gabe Saporta more than my boyfriend" and he was like :O and did that "my lips are sealed" action, and then a little later I shouted "CAN I HAVE YOUR BALLER?" and he looked at me and pointed to his baller and was like "this one?" and i nodded but there were people he had to meet and greet so he didn't give it. I was gonna give up but the others told me he would really give it so I asked again, and he actually took it off so I went crazy and I kept saying "I WILL DIE HAPPY IF YOU DO! I LOVE YOU!" and then he actually gave it to their bodyguard, and the girls around me tried to get it but Gabe was like "give it to that girl" and he pointed at me, so the body guard pointed at me to clarify, and gave it to the security guard who gave it to me :D and he wouldn't give them his other baller because that one was a gift :D

Obsession level 100%
I got to talk to him during the CD signing! My life is seriously complete now, I can die happy.
I went to the internet cafe just to update my facebook status and announce it to the world. We went to Franz's house after and then went to pick Giulia up, with Franz being the driver. I was trying to sleep in the backseat but it was really hard. I picked up pieces of their conversation, he was telling them that we've been together for 4 months. I was probably smiling in my sleep.
We p icked up Giu then got back to Franz's. They went to the ktichen so I went ahead to Franz's room and fell asleep. Woke up around 1, we left around 2am.
Got home, crashed after not sleeping properly for 45 hours.

Woke up at 2pm with Gabe Saporta's baller on my hand.
About to leave to get my nails done, dye Giu's hair and go to Encore tonight to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, baby.



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GOSH JO, i'd kill to have your life right now. haha.:D