Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Here She Lies; No One Knew Her Worth.

One of my favourite teachers has been terminated from office, and the news has shook me. I'm astounded that our school can rid of such a passionate, driven and influential force. I couldn't properly express the anger, disbelief and irritation with my own voice, so I resorted to my notebook (as usual) I wrote this as soon as I found out, and I was on the brink of tears when I finished. Friends asked me if I was alright, but all I could do was swallow my shaky words and nod "Yes".

Dear Mr San Juan,
Where do I begin? I find it hard to believe that you will no longer be teaching us in Sp. Filipino next year. In fact, the very idea that you won't be walking the halls of CSA any longer breaks my heart. This may be surprising, coming from me, but the respect and appreciation I have for you is far, far more than it seems. You are one of those teachers whose words embed themselves in our hearts and minds and you have taught me far more than just Filipino. You have taught me the importance of loving your culture, fighting for justice and freedom and serving with your abilities. You are truly an inspiration and I know you are one of the teachers I will never forget. One who's passion and conviction has been so strong that I will carry it with me far into the future. I'm truly sorry for attributing to the hassle that Sp. Fil has become for you, I hope you understand that we are how we are because we're so fond of you. You have made the last two years of Sp. Fil very enjoyable, something I look forward to. Good luck to where you go next, though I am certain you will succeed no matter where life takes you. Your drive and restless spirit will take you far. Continue writing and fighting for what is right! I hope to see your name in print someday! And with a heavy spirit and tears forming at the corners of my eyes, I just have to say thank you so much for affecting my life.
Joanna Kennedy.


raphaeldumonte said...

I will miss sir San Juan. We didn't get to meet much but when we do, he has this aura of certainty with his words and this evident conviction to his beliefs shown proudly that is commendable.

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