Thursday, 18 March 2010

You Aren't Supposed to Die on a Saturday Night

So the final act of this school year is almost finished and we are getting ready for the final curtain call. It's funny, I remember the first day so vividly. We awkwardly stood around and sat in our places, afraid to breathe, even. The shyness was so dense we could practically smell it. We smiled politely at each other but never said a word. We were known as an angelic class, one who listened intently and remained silent, even when asked questions. But throughout the year, our barriers started falling and we started to allow our true selves shine through. 3A became noisier, became funnier and most importantly, became closer.

I will not forget the bonding moments that we shared, such as our first Recollection, Sabayan; Songfest, where our carefree spirits disappointed the teachers, who were expecting so much more from us. That was the first time we were really yelled at, but we didn't care, because we had fun and it wasn't about them, it was about us; Our door and parole decorations, where we worked so hard as a group to prove that we are not useless, and ended up proving right; The Christmas party; The Field trip; That time where our classmates were so noisy, Ms Reyes made them line up outside and walk around the 3rd Year floor, bowing their heads in shame; The time Mrs Cruzado pretended to be furious at us, causing Chuku and I to cry; The time Mr Almerino ripped up our papers; Our class "agapes" and many, many more.

Third year was, as they say, the hardest year. But it was made easier with all the laughs, made more memorable with all the moments, and made more important with all the lessons. Not the lessons we learned in our subjects, but the lessons we learned from one another.

So, to 3A, this isn't goodbye, but thank you for making this year amazing, and good luck next year :)


Chiuie said...

HAHAHHAA.... YOU HAD THE SAME IDEA guys please visit

Rachelle said...

"That time where our classmates were so noisy, Ms Reyes made them line up outside and walk around the 3rd Year floor, bowing their heads in shame"
Hey, we bowed our heads just so ms reyes sees that we're sorry for what we've done. But dude we've been laughing the whole time. :)) When miss reyes wasn't looking we laughed our asses off :)) so funny cause we almost crawled when we passed mrs cruzado's class just so she doesnt find out about the mess we've gotten into. :))

Totally worth it. good times. haha.

Justin said...

made easier by your incredibly intelligent top one. :> this year was fun, thank you all. :)

Nicci said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicci said...

I DONT WANNA LEAVE YET. this year was awesome.

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