Saturday, 17 April 2010

So bad, I can't think straight. So bad that my bones shake.

He went on about how much he missed her. How he was aching with a physical pain, how her presence, a simple accidental glance into her eyes as they crossed paths would've been enough to let him last a few more days. She admires his thoughtfulness. She admires his vulnerability. But she still doubts the exaggeration that laces his words. So maybe he isn't lying, maybe he does miss her. "But if he missed me that much, he'd go out of his way to see me," she thought to herself, with heavy sighs, "and so far, he hasn't done anything of the sort".


zia said...

what if he's afraid of rejection? afraid to take the risk, of what might happen if he go n tell her how he feels?
afraid that things wont be the same anymore?

its like you're voicing out whats inside of me all these while.
this hits straight to my heart :(

Joanna said...

Being vulnerable is the price you have to pay when you want to give your heart away, zia. :)
I'm glad we can relate and that you found some sense of familiarity in my words.

zia said...

thanks joanna. i feel you. i really do.