Thursday, 8 April 2010

Things are getting a little more personal.

So I wanted to apologize for all the heavy blogposts, they can't be that much fun to read. You've probably figured it out that I'm going through something right now, which is far too personal to be posted for the world to see, I guess. I might blog about it when it's all over with, which is Idontknowwhen. I've decided to just take a deep breath and carry on with a strong heart, and to stop whining like a little bitch on the internet.

My sister Stephanie arrived today! And Jayne arrives tomorrow, which is awesome. They both stayed in Malaysia when my parents and I moved to the Philippines so I only get to see them around Christmas time.

While waiting for my mom to get to the car, Stephanie actually asked me if I'm still a virgin. I had a feeling she'd ask, since I'm 17 and that's the most common age for... "cherries to be popped". I told her honestly that I am (not that you guys care) but she still says she doesn't believe me and she never will because it's my body so only I will know. We then proceeded to talk about drugs. Haha, what a wonderful sister. You might be thinking that she's a bad influence or whatever, but really she's great. She helps me open my mind and she really makes me consider different aspects towards something before making my final decisions.

Anyway, I really want to make this blog a bit more personal + worth the read. I'm dying to have a lot more views and comments and followers. Steph told me that a blog is the best way to get an early start for my writing career, since she has friends who blah blah blah.

She and mom complimented my writing :) highlight of the day!

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