Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Dead Fish go with the Flow-- But I'm Not Dead Yet.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. My own interpretation would say that this means what we don`t know, can`t hurt us. `Course, this isn't completely true. But it`s got the basic idea.

I've got a lot on my mind, as in conflicts between age, feelings and ethics. Okay well not that serious, but serious enough to make me feel bad. I guess I shouldn't really post this up, `cause it's harmful to certain people. But this is my blog. I didn't ask you to read this specific post. [This one specifically `cause I did actually tell people to read the others]

Anyway. Here's this dealio, I've been getting all these opinions which sorta, fuel the fire. Example: Relationships and singledom come in a package. There's the good half, and the bad half. You've gotta decide which package you like better.

And well, I'm not sure which package I want anymore. That's the problem with me. I'm so indecisive, but i dont want to hurt anybody, including myself. But more importantly, him. It's hard, so i've decided to unfamiliarise myself with things, and get a sort of.. trial, of the singledom package. If it does or doesnt float my boat, who knows?

I just dont feel that 15 is a good age to be in a serious relationship. I mean, you care about a person so much, which is what makes it hard. And my sisters told me, both of them, never to let a relationship get serious when you're young. But when you care about a person so much, it's such a difficult decision.

Nothing lasts forever, that's easy to determine. The difficult thing to determine is when it has to die.

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Lienne said...

very true, nothing lasts forever.
even if you try it never really works out how you want it to.
but don't let go just yet.
you radiate pressure from your peeps.