Friday, 4 July 2008

The Lotus Dancer

I wrote this when I was 13, take that into account.

The Lotus Dancer-- A Poem.

In the cloudy moonlight's air,
a purple flower sways,
a breeze sweeps through the valley,
and her dress appears ablaze.

She dances every evening,
and at dawn, again she hides,
she brings a power with her aura,
and inspires life, with just her eyes.

She prances on the lotus',
She ponders about the moon,
she lives a life of mysticism,
one that ends too soon.

The creatures of the night-time,
the monsters of the dark,
they rip her body into shreds,
they do it just for lark.

And one by one,
her limbs they tear,
and discard of, beneath the earth,
and one by one the dancers fade,
a fate forseen from birth.


YANI said...

written when you were 13? coool you still have the copy with you? I LOST more than half of my stuff (mostly my journals & books) during our MOVING SEASON.
There was a time when we moved THRICE in one year. =( & now i have nothing but memories of my lost things :(

Joanna Superstuff said...

Yup! i put a lot of the things i write in the folder. THRICE? damn. i moved like, once every three or four years. sucky :( i've lost most of my poems but they were never good anyways. this one was for school and i was particularly happy with it :P