Thursday, 3 July 2008

Life's a Bitch.

Normally Joanna would say life's a Beach. But not today, folks. Today I am saying lots of things i will regret tomorrow.

Life is a BITCH.

Where the fuck do I start? Okay, the motherbitch.
It's like she always thinks she's right, no matter what. And I knew that we should've done my decision, she declined it, and when I got irritated she started ranting about how I always want things to go my way, and if I don't get it my way I get pissy. WELL, FUCK YOU AND STOP YELLING AT ME. What the fuck do you expect, PEOPLE GET PISSY WHEN OTHER PEOPLE START RANTING ON AND ON ABOUT THEM, THEN START YELLING AND WHEN YOU TELL THEM TO CHILL, THEY SAY THEY ARENT YELLING. ARGH.
Fuck this. Okay and so we did it HER way, and guess what, it turned out TERRIBLE. So what the fuck do I do? GET EVEN PISSIER. I KNEW I WAS RIGHT, SHE SHOULD'VE JUST LISTENED TO ME TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY. I swear, and she finds it FUNNY that i'm so upset she's ruined MY FUCKING THINGS. Of course it's funny to her, ITS NOT HER THATS SUFFERING, ITS ME. And she just doesnt care cause she's a SELF CENTERED BITCH. I just hate it when people think they have the best and ONLY solution to a problem, and insist on going their way, when you can FORESEE the trauma. ARGH.
Next, RUMOURS. Who the fuck has the right to spread EXAGGERATED secrets that belong to another person? nobody! Especially something as fucking messed up as THAT. And if the secret isn't yours, KEEP your fucking mouth CLOSED.
WHY DO THINGS HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT AND WHY CAN'T I JUST MAKE MY MIND UP? WHY CANT YOU JUST OPEN UP TO ME AND MAKE THINGS EASIER! Maybe you don't realise, but not telling me your true feelings, cause you dont want to argue or somethng, just makes things worse. It just leaves me confused, and it makes me feel like a really really bad person. Worth hating, cause it's like im pushing you to change, or its like im overracting, cause there's no reaction from you. It's supposed to be about Giving&Taking. Right now it just feels like its going one-way. And I'm sorry I've taken away the commitment. But if we're gonna go on a break, then i wanna go the whole way. I dont want to suddenly remember that i still have a boyfriend so i shouldn't be doing something, no. I want to be allowed to hang out with my guy friends. 8-
All for now, til next time.


marc said...

Oh wow, you really are THAT mad.

I hope things will get all better for you.

Joanna Superstuff said...

haha, they are, they are. thanks :)

monn said...

when you're angry its like world war fecking three up in here .

:) nobody's got that skill back here. miss you x

lienne said...


what happened? so sorry i haven't spoken to you in ausch a long time jo.
imiss you

Joanna Superstuff said...

haha, i know. I rant and vent and explode millions of shrapnel pieces around the place.
my mom and the ex, i guess?
sorry i saw the comments so late.
miss you too, li. so much.