Friday, 6 June 2008

About Joanna Kennedy.

Okay so I was reading through my blog and I realised that EVERYTHING I write about is so.. Cynical! I suppose if you read it without any knowlegde of who I am, you'd expect me to be some goth with raven-black hair and chalk-white skin. But I'm not.

Well, I'm the kinda girl who would chase vans. As in literally run after a school bus, to just feel.. free. I'm silly, and i'd do goofy things for a laugh, `cause thats when we truly let go. I'm the kinda girl who makes up a secret language (I WAS EIGHT.) just to make you feel like you're missing out. I'm one of those girls who lies about having a secret laboratory in her closet (also eight) and wanted to be a real life butt-kicking Lara Croft (okay, I'll admit, I still wanna be her). But hey, I'm not afraid to be me. And maybe being Joanna Kennedy involves drawing a code-requesting door on the back of your closet, carrying a butter knife and a flashlight wherever you go and even writing a new phonetical alphabet and memorising it to show off, but it's who I am. And there's no one else I'd rather be.