Saturday, 14 June 2008

Getaway, getaway.

need to get away

Run away. Get away.

Do you know that feeling, where you feel so stressed and there has been so much weight on your shoulders, that you just want to get away, but you can't? Thats how i've been feeling these past few days. I've been wanting to just somehow, find a way to let go and forget about the crap that's been stressing me. I need that stretch of road, and the wind through my hair. To not have a worry in the world, and all that matters is, well, nothing. Nothing will matter. And nobody will bother me. It would just be the road and I. Driving, yet going nowhere. But the thing is, i dont know how to find it. That escape. And how're you supposed to let go when you dont know how? I don't think you can.


Anonymous said...

keep going and you'll find your beautiful rescue. x


so afzaa.

jake said...

nice one. everyone can relate to this. or at least i can. haha. still this is good. :) as usual :P

Joannabobanna. said...

`Course we all can!
as long as we all experience stress, we all wanna get away from it. RIGHRIGHTRIGHT? yes.