Sunday, 29 June 2008

Destiny doesn't make the final decision, I do.

How can we allow fate to chose our path? Is it also destiny who decides the problems we encounter? What if we make the wrong decision, or if we encounter a dilemma? Is it destiny, either way we go? Is our fate set in stone? I don't believe so. I guess it makes sense that we choose particular answers for a reason, the people in our lives are supposed to be there. But what if you never meet that one person who would make the greatest influence in your life? Is it that great force named "Destiny" which pulls us along? Do we not have enough sense to map out our futures?

I don't believe so. I do really think that it's up to me, maybe not entirely, but mostly. I believe we learn a lesson from every decision in life, whether wrong or right, not just the one we pick. And I believe we learn a lesson from everyone not just those we know. Some people argue that Life is a little like that weird Human Tetris game the Japanese game shows play. There's a screen with a shape cut into it coming towards you, and you're at the end of the hall, behind you is a pool of muck. If you re unable to fit into that shape, the screen pushes you into that pool of muck. The screen can represent the future, and the shape cut into it represents the problem we will encounter. The pool behind us shows the consequence, if we don't solve that problem. We have to be able to fit into ONE shape to get past that problem, to save ourselves from the muck.

I don't believe it's like that. I believe that there are many ways to get out of a problem, don't you agree? And falling into the muck isn't always a bad thing. We realise soon after that we would've fit into that cut-out by contorting into a different shape. And we learn, for the next trial.

Problems, Errors, Mistakes, Criticism. They're our Teachers. We know them, but not on a personal level. We learn from them, different things, lessons. They're forever present in our lives, but in different forms. Sometimes they're the ones that push us into that pool of muck, but we come out ready for a shower. The shower being the cleansing routine, after the learning routine. We accept, and understand during the shower. and we come out cleaner than we went in. You shouldn't hate your teachers. They're just doing their job. And no matter how hard a teacher is on you, at the end of the day, you would've learnt something.

Back to fate.

Sometimes we take two steps forward, then one step back. A little mindless, but we're moving nonetheless.


YANI said...

Some people argue that Life is a little like that weird Human Tetris game the Japanese game shows play.

Ive seen that in Ellen DeGeneres Show :D

its pretty cool how you used it as a comparison, agaaaiin another well written one ;)

Joanna Superstuff said...

why thank you :))
i cried from excessive laughing.
really? i thought this was mediocre, but thanks! :D

YANI said...

HAHAHAHA I know when I saw it too words cannooot exemplify how i felt!! Have you seen the marshmallow game? also from some korean/japanese game show --- i love that too hahahaha!

Joanna Superstuff said...

no! is it good? i'll youtube it.

jake said...

nice one jo:P yet another good blog:P
thanks for commenting on mine. hehe.