Thursday, 12 February 2009

Don't trust Me.

We had our production today, A Sorta Fairytale. We sold tickets in costumes and put up the posters, Ina and Regg followed me around in their freaky doll costumes. We freaked a couple of people out but it was really cool :) we were actually supposed to have a dress rehearsal at 8am, but guess what? Some stupid primary teacher organized a Twilight showing. First of all, that's a gay movie, second, they promoted piracy. PIRACY! :O It pissed all of us off because we had no idea what lights or sounds we'd use, and were screwed up with our blockings.

Well we convinced loadsa people to watch, and the turnout was actually great! But due to gay twilight, they had to wait a bleeding 30 minutes! As if Twilight couldn't get any worse. We were so scared our audience would get pissed then leave, but they were pretty nice, so they finallyyy got into the little theatre, and guess what, the stupid technician thought we were showing a movie, so the technical stuff wasn't prepared.

Meaning no lights or sounds = end of the world.

Well we still did it anyway, and aside from a few prolonged silences due to problems with cues, it was great! The audience reacted to scenes, and they all complimented us afterwards! I was so proud of the Thespians since we did it without any effects and people still thought we were good.

Anyway, we were supposed to do Juno afterwards, but for some bullshit reason the classroom we were meant to act in was locked, and wouldn't be opened. So we had no Juno. Which greatly pissed Ellie off. And as much as I wanted to do Juno, I don't think it would have been as good as it could be, you know?

Anyway, the csa fair SUCKS. So nobody go. Last year was better, with the energy and the booths and all. Anyway so today we wanted to go on this ride, or play with those balloon dart things. like where you throw the darts to pop the balloons. Yeah. but the ticket line was soo long, it was unreal, so we decided to just walk around. When I was on my way to the bathroom this girl from the LG club pulled me aside and asked me to do the catwalk for the Fair King & Queen interval. I didn't have anything to wear so I borrowed Pias dress and regg's size 6 shoes [i'm a size 8 :] and yeah, it was fun. Anyway rest of the day was gay.

and now that the play is over, I feel kinda sad. Like I dont really have anything to look forward to, you know? No more saturdays with Thespos. :(