Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hurry up & Wait.

Although I take things to heart, I'm a tough girl. I've never been one to lean on a guys shoulder to get me through the day. I get competitive and secretly I want to crush people who make me look bad. I can game for 8 hours a day, everyday. And I love sports. Except the sweating part, I hate sweat.

That's why it's expected that I hate it when girls rely on guys for happiness. I just dont understand how they can degrade themselves like that, why they make it seem as if it's impossible for them to be happy without guys. Maybe it's an insecurity thing, they constantly need to be loved? It's kind of sad. And it gives off the whole maiden-locked-in-a-tower thing where they NEED a prince to save them. Why couldn't those maidens save themselves? Why did it have to be some prince, and why did they have to fall in love? Why couldn't they just become close friends, or gym buddies or something?

But I have to admit, having a crush or a guy really can make you over the moon. It's fun, just liking someone and watching out for signs and gushing over silly comments. Life gives us so many reasons to be sad, and these light little flings, they make you feel somewhat special, which hardly happens anywhere else.


Lienne said...

i know exactly what you mean, so heartbreak and long relationships aren't exactly in my history but i don't see why a girl can't be happy without a guy clutched to their side. roarr

but is leading a guy on when you know it's never going to go anywhere fun?

i'd like to THINK so.

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