Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I'm the Wizard of Ooh's & Ahh's & Fa-La-La's.

What comes to mind when I think of myself?

A group of laughing girls.
An excited scream.
Loud, upbeat music.
The typing of a keyboard.
The engine of a schoolbus.
The zing of freshly opened oranges.
The sound of playing children.
The crunching of an ice cream cone.

Pinky promises between friends.
Bright lights blinding your eyes.
Coke cans and pixie sticks.
Sugar rushes.
Face paint and balloons.
Headbanging to no music.
When you want to dance or cry or scream for no reason.
Creatively desperate inventions.
Roadtrips and random singalongs.
Messed up homemade manicures.
Marshmallows and burnt cookies.
The smell of freshly cut, green grass.
Stuffed toys and kites.
Ink and iPods.
Colourful scarves and hats.
Humorous bumper stickers.
Cereal drowned in Milk.
Guinea Pigs.
The panting of a dog.
The smell of cookie dough.
When chocolate runs all over your fingers.
Jamming with no instruments.
Singing out loud- and completely out of tune.

Dancing in the rain.
The smell of dug up earth.
Purple candy floss and playing cards.
Ringing phones and lollipops.
When the wind playfully teases your hair.
The blue sparkle of the sea.
Kayaking onto rocks.
Sloped tents and campfires.
Dancing in your knickers.
Truth or Dare.
Kisses on your cheek.
Summer's heat and cloudless skies.


monn said...

I needed to cry, pee and laugh at the same time.
I miss you .. :(

LIZARDS, this is war.

hahaha but damnnn nothing gets funnier/better than a lifetime with you. And li, of course ;p

Joanna said...

aww! sweetchums.

Lienne said...

Agreed, those are the things that set off the reel of memories i have about you.

and the cocoon next to Mon's face.