Saturday, 28 February 2009

Feb 27th

Hello readers, well yesterday was Feb 27th and you might know I went to audition for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition! Sounds exciting, right? Well here's a recap of how the day went

6am, the bus picks me up and my bus mother is pretty confused with what I'm wearing, since it's not school uniform. On the bus I resume my regular routine, sit down then listen to the iPod while half-asleep. I get a call from Grace, she tells me she is no longer going for the audition. You can imagine what I was like, the letters W-T-F were running through my mind, and I was panicking `cause I couldnt go for the audition alone, and I couldn't go to school in mufti. So I smsed Molly and told her she can't ditch me, and I was begging her to go, luckily she agreed, stating that I owe her one ;)

When we got there, ours jaws literally dropped open. The line stretched as far as our eyes could see, and that wasn't even the end of it. We lined up behind some people but we started worrying cause they all looked so old. We asked a lady if the line was for the teen edition, and she told us "No". We were so annoyed so we asked where the line for teens was, and the marshall directed that it was on the other side of the block. BJSBF97843QG.

A few hours passed and we met a few new faces, ones we'll never see again, we talked about ourselves and made polite conversation, but as the line went on, we started worrying that we were once again in the wrong place. We asked a marshall and he said we were, but another marshall said we werent. The new people we met were determined to stay in the line even if it was the wrong one, they couldn't make us go all the way to the back, no way.

After 6 hours of lining up in the scorching sun, we were so close to that white tent. Everyone was so excited to get under it because it was some sort of landmark of achievement. The White Tent. Bodies started pressing against one another and we all shared the same heat, the air was wet with sweat and the drizzle which just passed by. We were all quiet, nursing our dizziness and headaches, bearing the blazing sun, determined not to lose the little energy we had left.

Then my head started spinning. I couldn't lean over because there wasn't enough space, and my stomach was clenching, begging for food. I drained my last bottle of water, and the voices of pissed off and tired girls were filling my ears. "Molly. We have to go." Were the only words I said. She looked at me, and told me not to faint on the road. I clung to her and pushed my way out of the line, girls were watching us give up the spots we were holding onto for so long. It just wasn't worth it.

I was pissed off that I gave up, I really was. But I wasn't willing to sacrifice my health when I probably wasn't even going to get a number for an audition. I later found out that they told all those people waiting in line to go home, because they couldnt accomodate the ten thousand hopefuls. Luckily I've been given a chance to audition once more, on another date. I'm going prepared next time. :] Wish me luck.


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