Sunday, 15 February 2009

Soak in me & Drown.

We've only spoken once yet I feel connected.
He's the stranger I've been longing to confide in.
The one I can tell all my problems
and not worry about being backstabbed,
or my secrets being leaked.
Because he's miles over the ocean,
and his voice sounds so different.
Unusual, and safely foreign.
Yet our minds work the same way.
He's not living in a hole,
he's not flying in artificial highs.
He's somewhere safe on ground.

I've been wanting to talk to a stranger for a long time. Someone I can open up to, someone I can tell all my shallow desires, my dark secrets, my fears, and my stupid problems. I want this so bad because I know the stranger wont judge me, they dont even know me. The secrets can't get out, because nobody will know who I am. I need someone who wont make the conversations resurface. Someone who can't hurt me.


Lienne said...

so true, but it's scary.

i loved the poem

Joanna said...

its not really a poem, but okay, whatever goes :)