Friday, 23 January 2009

All Eyes on Me at the Centre of the Ring- Just Like a Circus.

I confess. I love Britney Spears. I love her. She has practically etched a home in my heart.

It started when I was little, like every other kid in the 90's, I saw her on Tv, on the Internet, in Magazine, I heard her on the Radio, on Mtv, pretty much everywhere. Her catchy songs stayed in my head, refusing to leave, forcing me to force my mom to buy her albums, then play it all day everyday in my bedroom, as I sang to myself in the mirror. It wasn't long `til I was collecting posters and buying dolls.

But then she went downhill, and her sweetness that kept all of us girls hooked, went down the drain. Her skin becoming more exposed and sweatier in her videos [yuck], her songs becoming more explicit, she was just no longer the little girl's idol, she had grown up before we had.

But I have to say, after several different scandelous affairs, her songs started sounding good, again. The catchy beats which were long lost in my head, came back, and my childhood awe resurfaced. I got hooked again.

And now I really want britney to come to the philippines if youre reading this britney or any contact of hers tell her to come she can stay at my place and we can go do sister stuff.


YANI said...

I love how you're so random!

Carina :) said...

Yeah, Britney is AWESOME! I'm starting to fall in love with her again... but not in that lesbo way. More of a Omg-I'm-such-a-fan way.

Yeah, that. Haha.