Monday, 5 January 2009

I Just Wanna be Ok, be Ok.

I have felt lonelier before, but sitting all alone in this silent house makes me depressed.

I'm sad.

Nobody is online, since there's school tomorrow.

But even if they were, I'd have no one to talk to.

The person I need the most is halfway across the world.

And my calls wont go through.

I want to talk to some random stranger.

Somebody who doesnt know who I am.

Somebody I dont have to prove anything to.

Somebody who will just listen, and not see me differently the next day.

But there's nobody out there.

Not even the sad, soulful voice in a song.

I feel so alone.

1 comment:

Lienne said...

I'm here for you always, lady.

you are noooott aloonneee
you caan make itt outt, i knoooww.

it's a song. ahah