Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hazy Skies and Last Goodbyes.

I'm still blurred with sleep and the morning chill, my stomach hasn't consumed anything yet, but the first thing I wanted to do when I properly got up was log onto blogspot so I could write about my dream last night. I always seem to have such strange dreams, I wonder if it's because I have such a strange mind.

We were going to our province, about 3 and a half hours away if you drive. But weirdly, the car was packed with all our relatives, so I had to ride a bike to get there. It wasn't so bad, since it was some weird model for long distances, so I could lean back and it was motor-powered.

Things were fine until we were about half-way, I lost sight of our car, and the dirt roads and the horizon started getting rockier. I didn't panic, because I thought I knew the way. All I had to do was go straight. Wrong, because each road had a fork at the end, where I'd have to decide: Right or Left? I kept going what seemed to be the correct way, but obviously wasn't. Due to my mistakes, I found myself in on a long stretch of road that ended at the base of huge mountains, all that was around me was an old man and 2 little sons, their shack of a house in the middle of a field, and a dark, hazy sky.

I asked the man if I could text with his phone, hoping that he would have one. Thankfully, he did, but he thought I would pay for the text. I told him I didn't have any money, so he refused to let me use it. I pleaded with him, telling him that I lost my family and I have no money and no phone, but there was a language barrier and he didn't seem to get me. I started panicking, crying and hyperventilating because I didn't know how I'd get back. I had heard about those kids who go missing but they make some kind of news and lots of reporters go to check it out and the parents then find their children on Tv, but... how was I supposed to get any reporters where there wasn't even electricity or running water?

I got back on my bike and turned around, going the way I came. I drove and drove onwards until I reached a sunny district bustling with tourists, I jumped with joy, people who spoke english! I ran up to 2 women and asked if I could borrow their phone, I had lost my parents, so they gave me their phone but as I was dialling my mother's number, her car had driven up right behind me.

In the end, yes I found my parents and all was okay. But what matters more to me is the meaning of the dream. Think about it, I went on by myself, thinking I'd be okay, I made my own decisions on the road, and I ended up in the middle of nowhere, then I realised I had to find my parents for help, and as I reached out to call for them, they had arrived instantly.

I'm wondering, is this dream telling me to stop trying to make my own decisions because maybe I dont yet know the difference between right and wrong well enough? Is it telling me to obey my parents because they do? It's like a warning, if I keep on thinking I know everything, I know the way, I'm going to get lost. But it's also comforting to know, that even if I go the wrong way, I can always turn back to my parents.

Have you ever gone the wrong way but returned to your parents? How did they feel with your "return"?


Menziekeerocks said...

Have you ever gone the wrong way but returned to your parents? How did they feel with your "return"?

Ye, all the time, they are like an advanced version of me that i shld read into. Well most of the time they probably would be pissed the s**t off . but other times like the time when i got abducted they only were glad that i was safe. hi jo

Joanna Superstuff said...

why didnt you tell me you were ever abducted?

Kitty said...

Sorry this comment is coming nearly 12 years after you commented me but to answer your question my dog is a chihuahua yorkie mix.

Lienne said...


yea i know what you mean, sometimes you feel like you should be independent and you forget that there are people there supporting you, till the worst comes and you need them, you realize they've been there the whole time.