Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chapter 12: Love in the Summer

Leo and Stephanie lay in the grass talking about their lives and everyone in it. They knew they had a deep connection as he showed her the forest cabin he was lending her. She made the dusty, old shack look like an exciting getaway, it was like she was a criminal that burned with passion, and he was the man tied between her and the law. Weeks passed and although it was soon, Leo knew their lives were entwined by the hands of fate. They were meant for each other. So somewhere between their sugary pet names and the endless amount of time they spent together, they fell in love. And shortly after, they were married.
Leo led Stephanie through the castle walls, her eyes looked around in wonder. Her mouth was fixated on the word "Wow" in the ballroom, she squealed with delight in the throne room, and nearly wet herself out of excitement in the Royal Treasury.
Leo took her to their sleeping chamber, and placed a blindfold in her hands.
"You must always wear this at night, Stephanie. Never take it off as long as the sun is down. That is all I ask of you,"
Unfazed by the simple task, Stephanie accepted the blindfold, and during her first few weeks in the castle, she was an obedient wife. She was often tempted to take a peek, but she always managed o stop herself. Life was good, better than it had ever been. Here, away from Victoria. She never had to worry again.
Or so she thought.


Lienne said...

OMG, scandalous. Definitely

raphaeldumonte said...

Intriguing. :] Moar please.

OMGia! said...

MORE MORE MORE MOOOOORE. UGGH. jooo. post chapter 13!:))

monn said...

and post chapter 13.

raphaeldumonte said...

his fine toned abs will make nights restless. Maybe that's why.