Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Starts where it ends

School was suspended until July 6th. How awesome is that? Awesome enough to dance around with socks on and nothing else! Not that I did that.
I haven't got many updates right now, my fingernails are painted orange to celebrate my freedom. My eyes are dragging downwards, yearning for sleep. I have more chapters of my story but theyre on paper and quite frankly I cannot be bothered to type them up, but I will. I promise and that means I really will because I always keep my promises.
They posted online classes and homework on the school website, might as well give us online detention. : But no, it's fine. At least I'll have something to do. I've done half of my Chem homework and like, 1/10 of my Eng. Haven't touched math.

She sat on the edge of her wooden chair, rocking back and forth. Ice cream spilt from her pores and ran down her wrists, sticky trails of sweet indulgence. Her hair was messy from the wind's sweet caresses, the clocks ticked by in perfect timing, creating a somewhat stiff Waltz for the birds. Her sleepy eyes called for rest, but she forced them open, continuing to watch the bright screen in front of her, and the black worlds which scrawled all over the page like dancing zebras. They galloped and skipped, black stripes against white. Or was it the other way around?

So tired.
Creative writing to be posted tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Haha, maybe you should have danced around in only socks! I like the little tid-bit of writing as well.

Lienne said...

:) This whole blog just made me smile, it oozes out happiness. Woohoo