Monday, 8 June 2009


He stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings into her ear, bottle of gin in one hand, and the other around her waist. She giggled and kissed the side of his head, and his face, and his neck, never touching his lips. He took another gulp of the amber liquid, and then another. They laughed and rolled around in the dark park, nobody would hear them, nobody would disturb. He took off her coat and laid it on the floor, so they had something to lie on without any evidence they had done something dirty. She moved onto her back and watched the few stars shining in the sky. He ran his hands over her leg and she let him. He shifted over her and planted a wet, uncomfortable kiss on her lips, laughing as she pushed him off, she rubbed her mouth and licked off the bitter taste, lightly shrugging it off. He kneeled above her and swung one leg over to her other side, locking her inbetween them. She pushed him away but he held her wrists, hard. She told him to stop but he ignored, and continued attempting to force his tongue into her mouth. Her heart raced faster as she struggled to break free, he pushed her wrists into the ground beside her, leaving her paralyzed in shock. She started calling for help, but nobody was around to hear, he momentarily let her arms go as he ripped off her buttons. She hit him as hard as she could, in every direction, but one hard pound of his fist was enough to keep her still. He tore off her blouse and started moving down to her skirt, tears started collecting in the basin of her eyes. He yanked her skirt above her waist, and ripped through her satin knickers. She kicked as hard as she could, but another blow to her face sent her nose gushing crimson blood, and silenced her once more. She started crying for her family, for her God, for anybody who was passing by. She begged him not to do it, but with one hard shove, he was inside her, sending a ripple of pain through her core. Her cries softened into whispers, but she did not stop asking for help. He thrusted inside of her, as she lay still, unspeaking, unmoving. He finished with her and lay beside her ruined body, she was there physically, but her mind and soul was somewhere else, sitting on the stars until they dimmed out, asking what she did to deserve this.


OMGia! said...

WOW. that was.. WOW.:))

Lienne said...

Amazing, absolutely.

miriam said...

that was really good.
awesome i would say
what your inspiration?

monn said...

That was like whoa on a number of levels .
Slightly disturbing...but whoa.

Joanna said...

My inspiration..
I was raped the other night by a hobo living in a cardboard box.
Haha, no nothing. I just get weird like that :s
thanks for the comments, guys.

raphaeldumonte said...

Wow. very descriptive.

Knickers got me off the tension lol. It made me laugh. :)

Joanna said...

or should she be going commando?

raphaeldumonte said...

Lingerie definitely. It makes it sounds kinky. Knickers sound like a grand mother's underwear tbh :))

That's what i personally TRY (because i just can't) imagine when i hear the word knickers.

alcie said...

OMFG JO, THIS IS FUCKING SCARY! My heart started pounding and I felt so scared!! You are truly talented

(must say I laughed alot at your comment about being raped) hahahahaha xxxxxxx

Denise said...

JOANNA. OMG I AM OFFICIALLY YOUR FAN. You're so talented. *_* XD

PS., you and Darren made it to Insights. :D

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