Saturday, 13 June 2009

Silence over daybreaks.

Had our first day of school today, it wasn't that bad. I'm in 3A, Junior year. My homeroom teacher is really awesome, she went on about how it was important to practice our rights, and how she'll defend us if teachers abuse their authority over us. She's really sweet and she tried her best to make us comfortable. She's the kind you'd like to hug. She's also very firm in her beliefs, she made us stand up and sing a Praise & Worship song while clapping our hands. It was alright. My subject teachers are all pretty goody, my timetable is good, I like having math and science as my first subjects, because I actually listen when I have no energy in the mornings. My class is okay. We're all still shy around each other and we haven't really broken the ice. I can tell we'll be an okay class, a pretty quiet one most probably. Which is good because I have to focus this year, anyway.
I was really happy afterschool because we talked to our Club Advisor, Ms Mina, who has so many real PLANS for the club, I'm so happy. She's a star.
So that's about it. I have a short passage of creative writing, it isnt that good. According to my "Biorythm" my Creative Period is over for the mo'.
Peace out, friends.

Photographs take me to place away from where I am. They captivate me, stir emotions that never existed, creating memories of a life I never lived. For a while, just a short while, during the few milliseconds right after I look at a photo, I am transported. I am in the photo, laughing with the girl lying in the daisies, blowing bubbles and squinting at the sun. I can feel what she feels, I can see what she sees. But then that fades, that partial existence in another moment, another life, it vanishes and I am left where I started. On the floor, with photographs in my hand.


Anonymous said...

Well, not much of a hiatus, and that's always a good thing. :). And sounds like a decent start to your school year. Don't lose that momentum.

monn said...

Haha looks can be deceiving, your class may turn out more fun than anticipated - mine did, and that wasn't very good for my important year.

But yeah, sounds like a good start.
Have fun with the teacher :)

and I like the little bit at the end

YANI said...

Good to know that you arent clashing with Mrs.Cruzado shes fun right? fun and firm! Have u had CLE class already? Did you see her major hand gestures? It will be interesting for sure!

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