Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Meet Chu at da Bronx.

Today, I am really happy, I'm going to do some creative writing and I'll post it ASAP.
I managed to complete 4 out of 10 in my summer wishlist, all in one day! Before today, I had nothing. :(

So Gia and Cami came over around 10am and we went to school to sell one of my Pussycat Doll concert tickets. (Thank you Yani, btw)
We went for lunch courtesy of my mother, and onto Darren's house we went. We made another episode of Joey & Cameron, where I believe I accidentally killed Cameron. I'll post it sometime. So that's one on my list checked off.
We watched Repo Man: The Genetic Opera which has this Rent and Sweeny Todd kinda fusion to it, it's really good! A lot of Gore and Goth. Paris Hilton is there and there's this one sick scene where she's singing and her face... I'll leave you hanging :)
Then we went swimming and jacuzzi-ing, it's fun to sit on the little people and drown them, teehee. We sat in the jacuzzi, it was soo warm. Probably due to a lot of kid's piss, but oh well. There were bubbles? Who can resist bubbles!?
Then we had a BBQ dinner, I ate so much it was so good. We forgot to bring candles so it was hard to see our food but it was fun :) There's another 2 checked off my list, BBQ and group dinner. Woot! We had to go `cos our parents were getting annoyed, we were taking cabs home and cabs+nighttime=bad rapist drivers.
So yeah. We found one, and the guy wanted to charge us 30 pesos more for 2 stops, and we agreed. So we turned around to say our goodbyes, and the cab drove up the road, we thought he was just gonna U-Turn.. but he never came back :( FAIL.
It was hilarious. So there's another but instead of MRT Adventures, it's Taxi Adventures, yay! So we dropped cami off, then Gia and I got off and her dad sent me home.
Oh, did I mention my ex texted me? Probably due to his assish behaviour the day before.
Hey jo...
if its about the tickets, what? If its not, then i'm busy.
Ayt. Nevermind. I just wanted to try and be friends but I see that's not possible.. bye.

No, I don't feel bad. The few people I let into my life should be the ones I choose. I should decide who my friends should be, who to trust and love. I don't have to "make it work" or make sure I'm on good terms with everyone I know. Just because you're not friends with everybody doesn't mean you're a bad person, it means you're a real one.

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MON! I LOVE YOU. Seriously, I do. You are one very very very special person. Happy 16th, I hope you make it awesome :) And I'm so sorry for not realising today is the 11th. I am going to go and buy you something very nice. :)


raphaeldumonte said...

I think the MRT thing would take too much time. :( Lining up, getting tickets, exploring, finding our way back, and lining up for tickets again. :<

OMGia! said...

TAXT adventure!:))

raphaeldumonte said...

I just noticed right now one of the I's were bolded.

And yes, that occurrence was hilarious. XD

Lienne said...

Agreed, being nice to and friends with everyone shouldn't always be necessary.