Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hippies Song.

We'll bang the beats on our guitars and never comb our hair.
We'll hitchike to get to where we need to be, and we wont give it a second thought,
We'll become best friends with strangers, and braid flowers into bracelets.
We'll make daisy chains and loose braids, skinny dogs and bonfires.
We'll tell stories of our histories, laugh and sing into the night air.


YANI said...

is this really a song or u made it up?
sounds so chilled out laid back and easy, i love it

Joanna said...

I made it up! hahah

Anonymous said...

Ha, very lovely.
And how old do you think I am dear Joanna?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe I am an alien, sent from my home planet to pose as a writer, as a sort of social experiment. :). And once more, thank you for the very gracious comments. And don't worry about the # of my followers. To tell you the truth, I made all of those other 60-something accounts, just to make myself look popular. ;).