Saturday, 20 June 2009

Spread it around like a big piece of butter.

Alas, the weekend arrives like a warm hug on sunday mornings. The first week of school was basic orientation, but I was lacking so much sleep I crashed on my bed when I got home yesterday, around 5pm, and I woke up at 10am today. Much Need Rest is now ticked off my To-Do List. :) I watched Obsessed and The Secret Life of Bees, then did my Chemistry homework (which was to make some random collage about chemistry in society, I love making collages) and I just typed up some stuff for History. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.
I have another chapter for my story in my notebook, well, 3 chapters actually, but I promise to type them up here tomorrow. So that will be my Creative Writing input for the mo'.
Btw I was stunned yesterday because Gia told me she has never licked the spoon after baking cookies. WTF, RIGHT? Who the hell doesn't or hasn't ever licked the spoon? Thats the best part about baking. I usually eat the cookie dough because it tastes better than the actual cookies. Who gives a sh*t about Salmonella? Psh, if you let that stop you then you haven't lived!
Who agrees with me? That licking the spoon is the best and most sacred part of baking? And who hasn't done that before?


raphaeldumonte said...

I don't bake. I just arrive from school to find pre-baked home-made insta-cookies that my mom invites my cousins to make.

And i eat.


Though that does sound yummy, licking the spoon.

Lienne said...

I dislike very much licking cookiedough off the mixers. :\ HAH!

miriam said...

well, i'll be the first one to tell you that licking the spoon when baking is the sacred and most adored part of baking. i lovee doing it. and if its chocolate chip cookies you bet i'll eat most of the dough than the actual cookies when baked.
totally agree with you here!!!

Joanna said...

YOU PEOPLE HAVE NOT LIVED! Except for you Miriam, we should totally join a secret org. dedicated to cookie-dough eating. :)
Not the electric beaters, Li. That'll cut your tongue up. The wooden spoons.

monn said...


a very very sacred ritual indeed.

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