Friday, 10 October 2008

I'm driving out of control; getting ready to crash.

We blow out the last light in hopes of darkness. But we never find total darkness because our eyes always eventually manage to adjust. Any form of light seeping through illuminates in even the darkest room. We end up seeing, eliminating the point of blowing out the light. Yet we still blow it out, because a dim figure in the dark is better than seeing the complete image in the light.

Are you ever driven to do something so out of the ordinary, you don't even know why you want to do it? Why does the teenage mind push the body so far, sugar-coating every sinful intention, making it actually consider the temptation? It feels like I had a clearer mind at 10 years old than I have now, I don't know why am I interested in experimenting when I know the consequences to these things. One of life's tests and trials, perhaps. "Push the teenagers into such temptation so that their lives become even more complicated than their dramatic confusion".
Nobody knows how deep the water is, until they tread too far.

We all have people in our lives, masked and armed, ready to bring us down. Sometimes they appear harmless, hurting you in small ways, like insensitive comments or actions, possibly unintentional, possibly intentional. Then there are those who go out of their way to ruin you, trying to break you into little pieces, beyond repair. In hopes of what, exactly? Nobody can fully understand the minds of the delirious. But you know better than to break, right? We know that the whole world is waiting for the first tear to fall, and we know not to give them that satisfaction.