Monday, 27 October 2008

Happy Birthday, Best Friend!


"I remember you like yesterday, like yesterday"

I've known you for 10 years, can you believe it? 10 years. That's a decade. Best friends for a decade, and we haven't even actually fought. I wanted to write this because this is my online address, it's where I write everything, it's like the home of my emotions. So, best friend, what can I say? Add another notch to your bedpost, we're making it.

You know, you're probably the only person who can make me feel on top of the world when I've been stepped all over, make me feel like a fairly decent person when I've done something terrible, make me feel gorgeous in my moments of insecurity. I know i can always go to you for anything, because you never judge anyone, and your advice is always realistic and it actually makes sense.

I remember all those retarded moments, like Totally Spies ;) and our mini-cake fight, and when our umbrellas got caught in thorns. Remember Mrs. Yu-Yo's, and our Why Not dance? All those practices at my house. Camp in Malacca, our home-made videos, Camp in Summerset, when we were pretending to be Lewis and laughing like hell because of the words we used. I also remember this one time, we had Pet Day, and we both sat behind some random persons hamsters and pretended they were our own :P And when we used to go onto the field to try and catch dragon flies. Remember cheerleading? OH GOD, what a catastrophe. Well, we're growing up now, and I know we've had differences, but that's the only thing constant in life; Change.

I miss you so much, while you're off in your schmancy-fancy, London-Boarding-school, playing tennis and enjoying the.. rain? I'm in my Filipino Catholic school, reading the Bible and building houses for the poor [oh yeah, heaven here I come!] KIDDING =D but you get me:

We're worlds apart.
That doesn't seem to change things, though, we're still close, `cause 10 years of friendship is no match for the thousands of KM between us.

Love you, Bloo. Have a happy Birthday :)


Lienne said...

thanks so much doodie!
that just made my dayyy.
i love you like a monkey and it's freaking banana mann

monn said...

haha :) that's the bestest happy birthday someone could wish for.

happy very belated birthday bloo :)

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