Saturday, 25 October 2008

Red carpet, Rose bouquets, Crowd waiting backstage.

Yesterday, I watched High School Musical 3, I'm not a fan of the series, but I enjoyed bits and pieces of it. My favourite part, however, was definitely Ryan & Sharpay's duet in the canteen. It added sparkle to the film, what with the Broadway-ish choreography and props such as the pink-haired vixens and Statue of Liberty replica. Sharpay's character reminds me a bit of the miniature diva within each and every one of us girls, the one which wants the world in the palm of her hand, the one who would love to have die-hard fans situated all over the world. The one who has a little theme song in her head which simply exclaims ego centrism and self-love. I have that diva within me, the one that wants to be a Broadway/Theatre triple-threat. How can I not, I love acting. And every actress is a little bit of a Drama Queen. But you don't have to love acting to want fans across the world: Tokyo, Moscow, Bollywood! All of us idealize that kind of life, fame and fortune, our names immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard, being called out to receive our awards on-stage, a lit star on our doors. Why do we want this? Simple. To break free from our mind-numbingly normal lives.
I want the world, nothing less, all the glam and the press, I want it all ;)