Friday, 17 October 2008

Kiss the way we were goodbye; Goodbye & Farewell.

I miss Malaysia.
I really miss it. I miss the people, opinionated and care-free. People who didn't get mad, people who knew how to laugh and cry at the appropriate times. I miss the friends I grew up with, the places I drove by everyday. I miss small things, like how the sun rose and set and reasonable hours. I miss how you could hear children playing outside at twilight. I miss how I looked forward to my days, I miss going for a swim whenever I wanted, and going out at random times. No need for prior notice, no need for prior permission.

I witnessed, once again, how much I'm missing out. How I'm no longer a part of what I used to be part of. How I'm out of the picture. For someone who has been in the picture for so long, I'm not used to this. Maybe it's selfish, maybe it's fair. I don't know. All I know is that I'm no longer there.


Lienne said...

i'm betting you that every person that has left kl feels the same way, i do almost every day. but you know what. you're never forgotten, because we're all childhood friends, we grew up together, we're like family. you don't forget family.

i miss it too.

Joanna Superstuff said...

You're right.
You don't forget family.

monn said...

well i wish i were in phils, actually. with lienne and teasing you bout your super long skirt =)

and i hope you don't forget family...your mama's vajayjay won't forget your massive head popping outta there. =P joking.
nyargh you're not outta the stupid picture, you're MISSING from it, which means you're meant to be there. get me?
you don't know how many times i've wished the both of you were right here xx .